Many office workers want to take better care of themselves and find it challenging to find the time, energy or motivation to do so. We help to achieve better physical and mental health with more ease, lightness plus fun.

And do so through unique live online workouts and online revitalising well-being quick scans. Both available in Dutch and English. For more about our company and services, just scroll down.

live online workouts

Exercising regularly is key for office workers to stay physically healthy and being able to perform mentally. Our team of 14 professional and certified trainers help you with uniquely developed live online workouts.

Our Office Workouts are effective and fun exercises that take up between 5 to 30 minutes. They are accessible to all fitness levels. And no sportswear is needed. Our Office Workouts focus on many topic for example; improving mobility, strengthening muscles, stress reductions and preventing RSI complaints. 


Curious about the current state of your overall well-being? Or are you experiencing certain complaints and not sure how to resolve them? Our online revitalising Well-being Quick Scan helps.

Giving a general overview of your strengths and areas for improvement both physically and mentally. By answering a few questions and statements you get a digital report of your well-being on several topics. Such as work pressure, personal worth, motivation, nutrition, sports and sleep.


Is established in 2011 by Esther Schippers. And was the first company in Europe to introduce live online workouts for office workers. Esther took an interest in vitality at a moment in her life where she was juggling a full time office job with family life, social obligations and trying to maintain a healthy diet and enough exercise plus sleep. She was convinced it could all be done with more ease, lightness and fun.

After obtaining her diploma’s as life & well-being coach, together with her background in sports and mindfulness she started OnlineFitCompany on her own. Which over the years has grown into a team of 14 qualified & energetic professionals.

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