Est. in 2011, the first in Europe to introduce live online workouts for office workers.

Est. in 2011, the first in Europe to introduce live online workouts to office workers.

Our philosophy

We believe in a high quality of life by achieving a complementary balance between physical and mental health. The way to achieve that balance is by stimulating vitality awareness. We build live online vitality platforms that increase the sustainability specifically of office workers based on four key points: office workouts, office mindfulness, office food and office academy.

online vitality platform

We use today’s technology and apply in a unique way. For our clients we build a secured online and interactive vitality platform with company branding filled with (live) online office workouts. In addition clients can choose to add valued content of experts in the fields of physical and mental health. Giving office workers the opportunity to join live webinars, follow online courses, download a wide range of e-books, listen to podcasts, having access to worldwide awarded meditation apps, yoga classes and one-on-one consults. The online vitality platform is accessible via a single or multiple login user and comes with a detailed monthly report on engagement.

office workouts

When working in the office or from home exercising regularly is key to stay healthy and being able to perform. We make it possible to implement exercising in between work tasks in a very efficient manner. By combining today’s technology with our expertise, we have developed unique workouts specifically for office workers. They focus on improving mobility, strengthening muscles and preventing RSI complaints. We call them snack exercises as they are quick, effective, fun and can be followed from any location. The workouts are broadcasted live online on our vitality platform or can be pre-recorded.

office mindfulness

We live in a 24/7 society which has an effect on our minds. The brain can get overwhelmed making it challenging to focus on work tasks. With meditation comes the ability to react and work from calmness instead of from stress. It increases mental awareness and productivity. With yoga comes the ability to de-stress the body and increase physical awareness. The combination emphasizes both outcomes making it a very effective tool to have for office workers. We work with international awarded experts in the field of meditation and yoga. Office Mindfulness comes with a variety of podcasts, live online yoga classes and gives access to the best meditation apps worldwide.

office food

Knowledge on individual blood types including hormones helps to understand which foods compliment the body to optimise all bodily functions. It gives insight on which foods, portion size and times are beneficial for eating which leads to increased focus and productivity. In addition, it can further lead to having a healthier weight, decrease menopause complaints, higher energy level and an improved immune system. Office Food comes with relevant e-books and one-on-one consults, online and offline, with experts in this field

office academy

Adding Office Academy to the online vitality platform gives office workers unlimited access to valuable and helpful knowledge to increase awareness on wide range of relevant topics such as sleep, ergonomics, stress management, alcoholism, grieve, isolation, etc. It includes (live) webinars, online and offline workshops, tutorials, podcasts, blogs and e-books.

Take a look

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