The benefits of meditation for office workers

Meditation: why it is rapidly growing. Today’s society is all about digital communication. Daily we connect by sending out 296 billion e-mails per day and sent 64 billiard what-app messages to stay in touch. Or connect ‘live’ via Zoom meetings with an average of 300 participants every single day. We work behind screens more then 10+ hours and as everything is just a click away, so is our availability. Working hours fade as it has been made so easy to stay connected. But how to stay focused when we have so much digital stimulus?

Improving brain function

Our brain has the capacity to process 4,2 million stimulus per second. The amount of stimulus we receive on a daily basis exceeds the amount we can process. With the result the brain gets overwhelmed which gives a sense of frustration or irritation. Making it challenging to focus on tasks. Meditation can improve the brain function. As with meditation comes the ability to react and work from calmness instead of stress. Many organisation stimulate their office workers to meditate as is brings many benefits.

The benefits of meditation

Scientific studies show that meditation has many health benefits when used regularly. The following is a list of the most common physical and psychological symptoms that meditation can positively affect:

  • Slows down the heart rate and decreases the blood pressure.
  • Cholesterol increases with a 8-15% less chance of a heart attack or stroke.
  • Serotonin level increases, which reduces negative thoughts and improves the overall mood.
  • Memory improves, giving you a beter and more clear overview that help set priorities better.
  • The overall energy level increases which leads to more productivity.
  • The immune system increases; metabolism functions better, less headaches and a significant decrease of other stress complaints.
  • Handeling last minutes changes and deadlines with less frustration and irritation.
  • Increases the sense of job satisfaction.

These effects can be achieved by just practicing meditation a few minutes a day. This video explains how meditation can bring so many physical and psychological benefits. When starting with meditation, and being able to experience the benefits, there are four basis elements that are crucial.

Meditation: how to start

To experience the many benefits of meditation, a regular practice is the way to go. In addition, there are four basic elements to keep in mind:

  1. Environment
    Meditation is something you do in an environment that is calm to you. Where you feel comfortable and are not distracted by sounds or noises. Meditation can be done sitting down indoors on a chair or on a meditation cushion. Or outdoors on a bench in the park. It can also be done laying down in bed, on a couch or on a fitness mat.
  2. Body posture
    During meditation you keep the body still in a certain position. It is important to get into a position that is comfortable enough for you to stay in for at least a few minutes. In a sitting position it is important to keep the back straight, the chest slightly forward, and letting the hands rest on top of the knees or in your lap. When laying down it is important to support the back as much as possible so that it can rest comfortably.
  3. Attention
    During meditation you keep your full attention on something. This is often the rhythm of the breath. Focusing on the in- and exhale. The eyes are closed so that there is less visual stimulus for the brain. It can be helpful to place the hands on the belly to increasing attention when focusing on the breath. Next to bringing the full attention to the breath, you can also focus on a word or phrase that has meaning to you.
  4. Non-judgment
    Thoughts often arise during meditation. The trick is to let those thoughts be there, but not get absorbed by them. Let them pass and continuously bring the attention back to the object of your choice (breath, word, phrase). Don’t take advantage of being distracted by thoughts, but kindle invite yourself to focus on your object, every time the mind wonders off.

Consistency is key with meditation. Which doesn’t mean you have to do it daily for hours on end. Start with once a week for two to five minutes to ensure the effectiveness of your new routine. And gradually expand the number of sessions or stick to once a week and expand the number of minutes. Guided meditations such as the ones below are a great way to start your practice.

Meditations to start with

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Our office meditations are accessible via our online vitality platforms and come with a wide range of theme’s all relevant to office workers. The duration varies between two to ten minutes. Below are two office meditations to try and start your meditation practice with.

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