We support organizations by increasing the vitality of their employees.


BeFIT is what we stand for. OnlineFitCompany was founded in 2011 and is the only company in Europe that offers real time online sports modules in full HD. We do this specifically for organizations engaged in stimulating the vitality of their employees.


Today’s technology stimulates digitisation resulting in limitation of necessary exercise. Physical movement is the answer to a healthy balance between work and private life. Our sports modules are specifically developed to improve the overall body posture and stimulate physical exercise.


Our sport modules are unique; independent of time, location and language. The content of the modules are developed from a varied and correct combination of effort and relaxation. That is why the OnlineFitCompany sport modules are accessible to all employees regardless of age, condition and physical restrictions.


Our sport modules are cost neutral and on average book the following result for our clients:
  • 10% increase customer loyalty
  • 20% increase company turnover
  • 25% reduction absenteeism
  • 25% reduction production errors


We are ready to support your organization and look forward to meeting you.
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