How Meditation Improves The Quality Of Your Worklife

Meditation: with your eyes closed, you sit on a chair behind your work desk at home or in the office. You listen to a meditation you found online and is playing on your laptop. The teacher has a warm voice that sounds pleasant. You follow the recorded instructions and try to focus all attention on the breathing. To then think about the Zoom call you have in 15 minutes. And about tomorrow. Which is the deadline for your project. Clearing the mind of thoughts is often easier said than done. Yet the interest in meditation is growing, especially among office workers. What makes office meditation a zensation?

Why office meditation is popular

Our rapidly changing society demands a lot from the brain and body. The continuous flow of information causes over-stimulation with stress complaints as a result. Meditation prevents mental fatigue and helps reduce stress complaints. Research shows that of all people working in the Netherlands 16-21% meditate sometimes and 10% regularly. But not only stress complaints are a reason to start meditating.

“There is so much to gain from meditation!” Says biochemist and immunologist Pierre Capel. The list of proven health benefits is endless. You experience less stress, the immune system works better just like dieting, and you are more positive and lighter in life. And all of this with meditating for just 10 minutes a day.

The effect of 600 seconds

What physical movement does for the body, meditates does for the mind. After ten minutes of meditation you can already notice changes in the production of all kinds of important hormones and factors in the blood. You can stop arteriosclerosis with it. Even the functioning of certain gene functions is affected after a short time. Meditation also has an enormously beneficial effect on the metabolism. That explains why people who have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight for years do end up losing pounds by meditating, “said Pierre Capel. But what makes meditation so effective?

What meditation can do for you

In short, meditation is a concentration exercise that leads to a change of consciousness. It is a tool to filter the stream of thoughts more easily. And that brings a legion of health benefits such as;

  • The concentration level improves, so that you work more efficiently: you act from calmness instead of agitation.
  • You experience less stress; which boosts the immune system.
  • You are less likely to become frustrated and can let go of your anger more quickly.
  • You will recognize thoughts so that you make more conscious choices.

Meditating regularly has an additional advantage; the development of neuroplasticity. That’s the brain’s ability to repair, renew and restructure itself so that you learn new skills faster and better. To really experience the benefits of meditation, a good seated position is important. And that doesn’t necessarily have to be a cross-legged pose.

Why you don’t want to meditate

One of the most common reasons for not starting or giving up when meditating is the discomfort of being cross-legged. As after a number of breaths, stiffness may develop in the muscles and / or joints. But great news; sitting cross-legged is not a must. Sitting upright on a chair will do just fine. Did you know that when meditating regularly you increase the quality of your work with 15%? OnlineFitCompany specializes in meditations for office workers. Experience the health benefits yourself and try two of our most frequently played meditations.

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