Showcase Online Vitality Platform

Welcome to the showcase of OnlineFitCompany. The showcase gives an impression of the
vitality platform and shows highlights of what to expect of the content based on our four key points:
Office Workout, Office Mindfulness, Office Food and Office Academy.

It is possible to give the online vitality platform your company branding and
implement to any current or future digital network environments such as intranet. 

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By combining today’s technology with our expertise we have developed unique workouts specifically for office workers.

They focus on improving mobility, strengthening muscles and preventing RSI complaints. We offer snack exercises as well as before and after work workout.

Snack exercises you can do regularly in between work tasks. They take up 1 to 5 minutes, are effective, fun and can be followed from any location: in the office or from home.

And for those days that it is not possible to do a quick snack exercise you can join for example a full body workout up to 10 minutes that will increase your vitality. 

All workouts are broadcasted live online on the vitality platform or can be pre-recorded. Our trainers stand out by giving detailed instructions making the office workouts acessible to all office workers.


With meditation comes the ability to react and work from calmness instead of stress. It increases mental awareness and productivity.

We work with international awarded experts in the field of meditation. Office Mindfulness comes with a variety of podcasts and gives access to the best meditation apps worldwide.

With yoga comes the ability to de-stress the body and increase physical awareness. Office Mindfulness comes with 3 different memberships for live online yoga.

The combination of meditation and yoga emphasizes both outcomes making Office Mindfulness a very effective tool for office workers.


Knowing which blood type you are including hormones helps to understand which foods compliment the body to optimise all bodily functions.

Office Food gives insight on which foods, portion size and times are beneficial for eating which leads to increased focus and productivity. In addition, it can further lead to having a healthier weight, decrease menopause complaints, higher energy level and an improved immune system.

Next to one-on-one consults and live webinars with experts in this field, Office Food comes with relevant e-books which are all downloadable. Such as this one composed in collaboration with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Click on the e-book to read.


Adding Office Academy to your online vitality platform gives office workers unlimited access to valuable and helpful knowledge to increase awareness on wide range of relevant topics. Such as strategic planning, stress management, efficiency versus meaning, grieve, isolation, alcoholism and sexuality.

It includes (live) webinars, online and offline workshops, tutorials, podcasts, blogs and e-books such as this one about sleep. Click on the e-book to read. 

Nowadays we work from different locations. A correct body posture while doing sitting desk work has not only a positive effect on the overall physical health it increased productivity too. 

This ergonomic checklist shows you how to set up your workstation correctly. Click on the image to download.

Next to e-books and checklists Office Academy comes with live online and offline interactive webinars and workshops what can be followed as a group or individually.


The online vitality platform is accessible via a single or multi users login and comes with a detailed monthly report on engagement. Which gives insights on topics that are most viewed by your office workers, their preference to for example e-books, webinars, live or pre-recorded workouts and which days & times are favourite. Making it possible to customize the content of the vitality platform to current needs.  

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