Office Talk Interview | Michel Swaab

Name: Michel Swaab
Age: 44

First job: Investment adviser
Current job: Weight consultant (affiliated with BGN) / Lifestyle coach / Vitality coach

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"Allow yourself time to change. Step by step."

Michel Swaab


Describe your average work day:

Advising, coaching, guiding and motivating people towards a responsible and healthy lifestyle. This consists of holding introductory conversations, intakes, consultations, measuring and weighing consultations, writing / executing plans both privately in my own practice and for companies in support of HR departments. Consultations can also take place during a walking session. As a result of a consultation, I write a plan, these can consist of the following goal: losing weight and gaining weight through healthy and responsible nutrition, an exercise plan, changes in (eating) behaviour and I also pay attention to sleep and relaxation.

Describe your average day off:

Sporting in my free time I find very important. I exercise almost daily. Each morning I start with meditating and run several times a week. I like to spend time with my family on weekends. We really enjoy doing city tips and seeing a lot of the world. Unfortunately, things look a bit different this year due to Corona. We also like to eat out and look for different places that meet our culinary needs. I end the day with meditation.


What makes you really happy?

My family. In addition, helping my clients towards a healthier lifestyle. The satisfaction I get  when clients achieve their goals, for example feeling better in their own skin and being happy with my help / advice, makes me very happy.

What irritates you the most?

People who don’t keep their promises.

Who inspires you and why?

I don’t have one person who especially inspires me. I am inspired by my clients. And by books or interesting articles that I read on social media. Of what I read I select those aspects that inspire me.

What is your favourite place in the world?

That are two: Amsterdam and Florida.


What is vitality to you?

Being healthy mentally and physically.

How do you take care of your own vitality?

I enjoy running, meditating and yoga. I watch my diet and get enough rest / sleep. I also pay attention to a good work versus private balance.

Which must read/see/follow do you highly recommend?

What is (are) your best tip(s) to share with others?

Changing a lifestyle, whether in the field of nutrition, exercise or other aspects, is not a quick fix. Allow yourself time to change. Step by step. Many people want to achieve all their long-term goals in a short time, this is counterproductive. The point is to change bad habits that are not effective for you into good ones that are effective for you. This takes time. Let yourself be guided by a professional because every person, each body, is unique and needs a different approach. There is no one size fits all.

Finally, in the field of nutrition, I want to add not to diet because dieting does not work. This is a short-term solution. If you really want to change you have to adjust the whole way of life, and really want to do this yourself. Never do it for another. Invest in yourself! You only have one body, treat it well.

Healthy eating is the first step to success. I advise, guide and motivate everyone who is ready for a change. An essential part of this is change is (eating) behavior. That’s where it starts and that’s how you keep it up. With my expertise I would like to help you achieve a responsible and healthy lifestyle

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