Office Talk Interview | Robert Meester

Name: Robert Meester
Age: 55

First job: lunchroom sales assistant
Current job: owner Make My Bar

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"Healthy nutrition is the fuel your body needs."

Robert Meester


Describe your average work day:

Purchasing ingredients, preparing and making our energy bars, devising new compositions, printing nutritional labels of our own composite bars and cleaning and disinfecting machines and workspace. Packing and sending orders.

Describe your average day off:

Reading newspapers and “nutrition-related” websites. Tracking website and Instagram. Playing tennis and enjoy a drink on a terrace.


What makes you really happy?

Watch television and listen to music.

What irritates you the most?

If I have added a wrong ingredient or weighed something wrong. Or if the packaging device is not working properly.

Who inspires you and why?

Talking about healthy energy bars and explaining to people why raw food is good for them. People who are engaged in their profession with passion and a 100% commitment. Such as Elon Musk and Steve Jobs.

What is your favourite place in the world?

Amsterdam; the canals and the many restaurants and terraces remain fun.


What is vitality to you?

A body with a correct BMI and a good condition.

How do you take care of your own vitality?

For 42 years now, I have a profession where I move and walk all day, in combination with apparently genes that I don’t make me need to worry about my weight. As a result, I always have a good condition and BMI. And by cycling and playing tennis I keep my condition on track. I also always eat healthy, 3 meals a day and do not drink too much soda and alcohol. And I have never had the need to smoke, so I always feel vital. I snack healthy with Make My Bar.

What is (are) your best tip(s) to share with others?

  • Try to cycle as much as possible, this is healthy for you and you do not burden your joints too much.
  • Eat varied, lots of fruits and vegetables, that is always healthy.
  • Exercise weekly and not too much alcohol and try to get enough sleep that your body is rested.

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