Office Talk Interview | Simone Langewouters

Name: Simone Langewouters

First job: waitress in a restaurant
Current job: Health Safety & Wellbeing Officer

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"Vitality is fresh, energetic and lively."

Simone Langewouters


Describe your average work day:

Continuous process of monitoring and devising processes and interventions with regard to health & well-being prevention to increase the sustainable employability of our employees. Our companies slogan is ‘Improve Peoples lives and make the world run better.’

Describe your average day off:

Getting up early for sports or a walk, chores in and around the house, cooking a nice meal, reading a book or watching a movie and calling with family and / or friends.


What makes you really happy?

My family / relatives, my job, making music, good food and traveling.

What irritates you the most?

People who don’t keep their promises and unfriendly people.

Who inspires you and why?

People making big changes.

What is your favourite place in the world?

My family’s B&B in Portugal.


What is vitality to you?

Vitality for me stands for fresh, energetic and lively. In short: it’s part of health.

How do you take care of your own vitality?

I try to live consciously, watch what I eat, exercise regularly, get up early and go to sleep on time. And try to do as many things as possible that I really enjoy and that give me energy.

Which must read/see/follow do you highly recommend?

What is (are) your best tip(s) to share with others?

  • Behavioural change is difficult. If you want to change, do it in small steps. Every step counts!

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