The most effective workouts for office workers

Workouts: this week you have set yourself a new goal: to do a workout every day after work. You hope that this will reduce your back pain. Because that has increased since you started working from home. And you also hope to lose a few pounds that have been added in recent months. You start off motivated. However, after another long online working day from home, all you want to do is Netflix and chill with some comfort food. Recognizable?

This time you will succeed

Many office workers want to take better care of themselves but cannot find the time or energy to do so. But that is a thing of the past thanks to snack exercises: short workouts that are specifically designed for office workers. To do before, during and/or after a workday. No specific equipment is needed. And the best part: you don´t even have to change into your workout clothes.

The sitting epidemic

Sitting deskwork is part of almost every office job. With an average of 10+ sitting hours each day the number of health issues increases. Obesity, hart fatigue, RSI and insomnia are just a few of the many outcomes of sitting. Exercising regularly counteracts these negative outcomes. But what is the definition of regular exercise?

The number of workouts you need

Most think that ‘regularly’ means doing a workout before or after a workday. Or in the weekends. Scientific research show that working out only during these moments puts more strain on the body than it resolves. Regularly means doing short exercises throughout the day. As that not only increases productivity. It ensures that other workouts you do have an more positive effect on your overall health too.

Snack exercises: workouts for office workers

For every hour of sitting the body needs a physical active break of at least 90 seconds. Snack exercises making it possible to increase the amount of daily exercise with ease. They focus on improving mobility, strengthening muscles and preventing RSI complaints. The duration varies between 2 to 15 minutes. We call them snack exercises as they are quick, effective, fun and can be followed from any location. Without changing into your workout clothes. Below three of our office workouts for you to try and benefit from. 

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